FAQ 221
I have collected my IT username and password, am I registered?

No, once you have collected your IT username and password you will need to use these details to log in to iExeter and register with the University.

How to access online registration
1. Log in to iExeter
2. Click on the Student Record System tab
3. In the Student Record System, if you have been cleared to register you will see a red box "Welcome to online registration". Click on the "REGISTER NOW" link to enter the online registration pages

If you have not been cleared to register, or do not need to register, you should see a message telling you why you cannot or do not need to register

For more information, please see the Registration website or log an enquiry with SID by clicking on the 'Log Enquiry' button below.

If you are based at the Cornwall Campus, please contact the Registry Team Cornwall on 01326 371800 or email cc-registry@exeter.ac.uk for support.