FAQ 2754
I have SpLD marking guidelines on my ILP; how will this affect the marking of my work?

Including the Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) marking guidelines on your Individual Learning Plan (ILP). acknowledges the difficulties that you may experience when writing an assignment. Areas of weakness in your work might include spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and the use of vocabulary. When applying the marking guidelines, the person marking your work will take these factors into consideration and not penalise you unduly.

The marker's emphasis will be on assessing your ideas, knowledge and understanding of the topic, and providing you with constructive feedback regarding errors, enabling you to further develop your writing skills.

Please be aware that your college office will contact you to request that you pick up a number of stickers for you to attach to your exams scripts, if you wish the marking guidelines to be taken into consideration during the marking of your exams.