FAQ 1616
How do I arrange a DSA Needs Assessment appointment?

To arrange a DSA Needs Assessment you must have received a letter from your funding body authorising an assessment (DSA1 Letter). You can contact the Assessment Centre which is nearest your home or University. Contact details can be found at here.

To book an appointment at the Exeter Access Centre, please visit our webpage to complete our short online booking form by clicking here.  You will need the following:

-A full copy of your DSA 1 letter (can be downloaded from your student finance portal address)

-Up-to-date medical evidence and or your Post-16-Psychologist Report


Alternatively, you can contact us via email by sending your contact information and attached documents to Accesscentre@exeter.ac.uk. If you have any queries regarding your application form, please do not hesitate to contact on 01392 723 880.