FAQ 211
I want to change programme, what should I do?

If you want to change programme, you will need to see your tutor at your College or Student Office to discuss your options.

Your tutor or college/Info at team will provide you with the official University Change of Programme form that you need to sign.

Please make sure you insert the proposed date of changing programme.

The form is then signed by the College Associate Dean for Education and the College Associate Dean for Education of the new programme and forwarded to Registry for processing.

If you are an undergraduate in your first year of study wishing to change between Colleges, please go to the Admissions Team to obtain their specific form. They can be found in the Laver Building (8th floor), Streatham Campus and in the Academic Support Unit, Peter Lanyon Building, Penryn Campus.

This also applies if you are a student re-starting year one on a different programme of study within a different College.

Admissions will check whether you meet the criteria for entry on to the requested programme.

If you want to change your programme of study (including changing from Full-time to Part-time and Part-time to Full-time), you will need to discuss this with your current supervisor and the Research Administrator in your College. You should also discuss any change from Full-time to Part-time or Part-time to Full-time with the International Student Support Office as there are visa implications which they can explain fully.

Once it is agreed that you can change programme you will need to complete the relevant form.

Once the form is signed by all relevant persons the Research Administrator in the College will confirm details by letter or email.

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