FAQ 212
I want to change my mode of attendance, what should I do?

If you want to change your mode of attendance, this is usually treated as a change of programme. You will need to see your tutor at your College or Student Office to discuss your options. We would also strongly suggest that you speak to the Students' Guild Advice Unit (Exeter campuses) or FXU Advice Service (Cornwall campuses) to check the impact such a change would have on your fees and entitlement to student finance.

Your tutor or College office will provide you with the official University Change of Programme form which you need to sign. Please make sure you insert the proposed date of changing programme. The form is then signed by the College Associate Dean for Education and the College Associate Dean for Education of the new programme and forwarded to Student Records.

You will receive an email notification once your change of programme has been processed in teh student record system and (if applicable) the Student Loans Company will be notified of the change.

If you want to change your mode of attendance to continuation status you will need to discuss this with your Supervisor and the Research Administrator in your College. Transfer to continuation status is not automatic. Please refer to the Statement of Procedures. If it is agreed you can change to continuation status you will be asked to complete the request in MyPGR. Once your transfer request has been approved  by all relevant persons you will receive email confirmation from the College.

If you need to change your mode of attendance please refer to FAQ 211 as this is a Change of Programme.

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