FAQ 2213
My SPSS licence has expired, what should I do?

To update SPSS on Windows:

Ensure you are Administrator of your PC

Click Start –> All Programs [menu] –> IBM SPSS Statistics [Folder]  -> IBM SPSS Statistics Licence Authorisation Wizard [program]

Next> [button] -> Licence my product now [button] -> paste the relevant code

Next [button] -> Next [button] ->  Finish [button]

To update SPSS on Mac:

Open the SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard.    By default, this is installed in /Applications/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/21

At the License Status screen, click Next.

“License my product now” should be selected. Click Next.

At the “Enter Codes” screen, enter the new activation code.

Click Next.

The authorization should be successful. Select Next.

Select Finish to close the License Authorization Wizard.

N.B. Previous versions of SPSS are no longer supported and the University do not have licence codes. You should upgrade to one of the newer versions from the Software Centre (on university managed PCs) or from the Home Software Hub.