FAQ 2646
How to log an enquiry (student view)

To log an enquiry in SID Online, log into the system using your university username and password at sid.exeter.ac.uk

Click on ask a question

Browse the FAQ headings, type a question or keywords into the search box

You can access the black Log enquiry button at all points through the FAQs, including on the FAQ headings page


If you click log enquiry from within an FAQ, the category will be automatically selected – If you don’t, you'll be prompted to select a category. You can either scroll through or you can start typing to find a category. (see below)

Answer any questions that are presented, then type a summary of the enquiry into the message box.

Add any files either using the green Add Files button or use drag and drop.


Click Send


You are then returned to the enquiry summary page where you can update or close your enquiry (if you no longer need a reply or have resolved your issue) and attach any further documents.

You can update your enquiry by replying to the email you will receive, you can click My Enquiry on the coloured tiles, or you can click My Enquiries from the menu on the left hand side.