FAQ 2650
I want to interrupt or withdraw. How do I complete the interruption or withdrawal form in SID?

Before completing an interruption or withdrawal form you should speak with your college and you are strongly advised to consult the Students' Guild Advice Unit to discuss any financial or academic implications.

Log into sid.exeter.ac.uk using your normal username and password

On the landing screen, in the top right corner you will see a "Speech bubble" icon (circled in red). Click on this and then choose the enquiry centre linked to your course. You can find a list of the Info Points and Hubs here: www.exeter.ac.uk/students/infopoints

Once you have chosen the correct enquiry centre for your course click: Ask a Question

Ensure you see the name of the Info at Hub linked to your course at the top right next to your name – if not, select it from the drop-down menu next to your name (if you miss this step, the form you need will not show)

Click Log Enquiry

Type ‘interruption’ or ‘withdrawal’ in the categories box and click the one with your Info at Hub name in brackets to select.

Answer all of the questions on the form – it won’t submit without all fields being complete.

Ensure you upload any relevant medical evidence before pressing Send.