FAQ 2658
How do I log an entry on the diary?

Navigate to Schedule on the diary


Filter the diaries you need – typically the staff member and the room(s) – using the drop-down menu to the right of the screen


Click away from the menu to show the selected diaries


Select the day view (to the left above the date range) if you prefer, then click on the time slot you want to book

Complete the form with the required details


When selecting the student, click the student number (below the picture) to add them to the diary entry

Enter any relevant information in the description and notes fields and click Create Appointment

Note: If you create an appointment for a staff member, and you do not have editor or write permissions on their Outlook calendar, when you add the appointment you may see an error similar to the below:


As long as the appointment shows in the SID diary, the appointment is booked – they just won’t automatically see it on their Outlook calendar.

If they want appointments you book to automatically update their Outlook calendar, they will need to update their Outlook permissions.