FAQ 2733
There is a problem with the data in a Cognos Analytics Report or I have noticed that the information in a Cognos Analytics Report is inaccurate and/or out of date

If the source data has changed within the last 24 hours please bear in mind that information is updated once per day, prior to the start of the working day.

If you are experiencing a different data problem, please email the PPBI team at bi-distgroup@list.exeter.ac.uk including:

  • What report(s) were you trying to run?
  • Where possible, please attach a screenshot of the report you are trying to runĀ 
  • What time of day did try to run this report?
  • What parameters (if any) did you provided at run time? These are specific to each report e.g. College Name, Population, Comparator Group, Dates
  • What impact is this issue having on your business area?