FAQ 457
Where is the Chaplaincy based?

There is no specific place where the Chaplaincy can be found. 

We have an office in the Forum, at the back of the Career Zone, and there is a Duty Chaplain on Mondays to Fridays between 10am and 4pm. 

If there is no-one in the office, then there should be details posted on the door, otherwise we can be contacted through the SID desk. 

The Mary Harris Memorial Chapel is available for quietness and prayer.

Chaplains can be found at other times, and can always be contacted by phone, e-mail and by logging an enquiry in the Forum, or through SID online (see below).  

On the St Lukes campus, the St Lukes Chapel is also available, and the St Lukes, Anglican chaplain has an office nearby,
For more information, please contact the Chaplaincy on 01392 723649, visit the Chaplaincy website, or log an enquiry through SID online (below).

For information about chaplaincy at the Cornwall Campuses, please go to Compass Online

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