FAQ 566
How do I get my deposit back from my landlord?

Tenancy deposits must be legally protected for all assured shorthold tenancies (ASTs) in England and Wales where a deposit is taken. 

The legislation aims to ensure that tenants who have paid a deposit to a landlord or letting agent and are entitled to receive all or part of it back at the end of that tenancy, actually receive the amount they are due. 

For further information please visit our website.

If you require further advice, please contact the Students' Guild Advice Unit by phoning 01392 723520 or emailing advice@exeterguild.com

Both the Accommodation Office and FXU Advice can offer you support regarding the return of your deposit. 

You can contact the Accommodation Office by phoning 01326 253639 or by emailing accommodation@fxplus.ac.uk

To contact FXU Advice, please phone 01326 370447 or email advice@fxu.org.uk.


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