FAQ 604
What is the Athletic union?

The Athletic Union, or AU as it is more commonly known, is the organisation responsible for administrating all aspects of Sports Club activity at the Streatham and St Luke's campuses. 

This includes competitive fixtures, recreational pursuits and local, regional, national and international competition. 

The AU are there to cater for the sporting needs of all Exeter students, whether you are a future Olympian or interested in trying a sport for the very first time.

If you are based at our Cornwall Campus, The Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union (FXU) are responsible for administrating all aspects of sports club activity. 

The FXU offers a wide variety of sports and recreation activities according to student interest, as well as being able to put you in contact with community clubs and groups in the local area

For more information, please see the Athletic Union or the FXU website.