FAQ 733
How can Wellbeing Services support me in my application for mitigation?

If you are applying for mitigation, you will need to contact your College or Student Office who will offer you advice and support with regard to the application procedure.

The usual University procedure requires the provision of medical evidence when applying for mitigation on health grounds.

Students who attend Wellbeing Services may request a letter of attendance for mitigation confirming when and for how long they received support.

This letter of attendance will not reveal any details of discussions between you and the practitioner.

If you have received Specialist Mental Health Support, Wellbeing Services may be able to supply a more detailed letter to support your application following a discussion with you.

Students should be advised that applications for mitigation should normally be made in advance of assessments being submitted (for extension of deadlines) or the meetings of Boards of Examiners (for mitigation of performance).

For more information, please see theĀ Wellbeing Services website or Log an Enquiry on-line with the Student Information Desk (via the SID tile on iExeter).