FAQ 742
I think my friend may be struggling with their mental or emotional health. What should I do?

Caring for an emotionally troubled friend or loved one can be stressful and upsetting. We are happy to offer a confidential consultation, which can help to clarify your concerns and decide how best to respond. A discussion with a member of the Wellbeing Services team can also help you to keep in mind your own limits and to know when you may not be able to help them.

If your friend or partner is also a student, and wants to see a member of the team, they should contact us directly. By making their own appointment, they will feel more committed and involved, and will be much more likely to keep the appointment.

You could also suggest that they make an appointment with their doctor; or suggest that they look at the following online information which may help them to access support:

Wellbeing Services website

Wellbeing Services mental health and psychological therapies FAQs on SID online

Timing and motivation are both factors in the effectiveness of our services. This means it is important that students book their own appointments and decide for themselves whether this is the right time to seek help.