FAQ 746
I have heard that I may be able to get reasonable adjustments because of my mental health difficulty. What are they?

The Equality Act (2010) requires that reasonable adjustments are put in place to remove barriers that may prevent students from participating at university and to minimise the impact that their mental health difficulty may have on their ability to study.

A reasonable adjustment is a response to an individual student’s needs and is any slight alternative to the existing framework, elements and assessments of the student’s course.  Examples of reasonable adjustments include:

Putting an individual learning plan in place (ILP)
Exam arrangements
Special field trip arrangements
Renegotiated deadlines
Alternative assessments

For more information, please see our leaflet on "Support for Students Experiencing Mental Health Difficulties". or book a mental health appointment with Wellbeing Services.

For more information please see the Wellbeing Services website or Log an Enquiry on-line with the Student Information Desk (via the SID tile on iExeter).