FAQ 1622
What will happen at the DSA Needs Assessment?

The DSA Needs Assessment can last for up to 2 hours, depending on the individual. Please try to arrive early as at busy times of the year the SID reception area can be busy and you may be delayed in the queues.

The assessment is a discussion and exploration of your needs with one of our experienced assessors.  It is an opportunity to discuss your additional support needs within the context of your studies.

The assessor will consider previous and or current support, plus study strategies or equipment you have already tried using. Study aids and strategies such as specialist tuition, note-taking, mentoring etc., relevant to your current course will then be considered and where appropriate,  the opportunity to evaluate appropriate assistive technology, aids and equipment. Other disability related expenditure may also be considered.

There are no tests involved and the assessment takes place in the comfortable, informal supportive environment of the Exeter Access Centre or Forum Interview Rooms.

For training purposes, you may also be asked to give your permission for your assessment to be observed by another assessor.