FAQ 2222
Where can I get NVivo for my home PC?

: NVivo is covered by the University’s NVivo site licence, which allows installation on any University-owned PC at no further charge per copy. Academic Services covers the cost of this licence centrally.

On networked PCs, NVivo can be installed from the Software Centre - to access this, type software centre into the start menu's search box, then click on it - when it loads, tick the box next to where the name of the software is and ensure the name of the software is highlighted, then click 'install selected' in the bottom right hand corner.

For non-networked PCs, please log an enquiry with the computer name of your PC - this can be found by right-clicking on Computer (in the Start Menu) and select Properties, then scroll down in the new window to find the Computer Name.

For non-University owned PCs, this can be downloaded from the Exeter IT - Home Software Hub

: The Licence Agreement we have for Nvivo permits us to loan a copy of the software for installation on your personally-owned PC for the duration of your course. Copies can be downloaded from the Exeter IT - Home Software HubStudents