FAQ 2228
My Symantec Anti-Virus is saying that it's detected an issue. What should I do?

The Anti-Virus has probably cleared the issue. However, please run a quick scan of your computer using Symantec, which will advise if the issue has been quarantined. Follow the steps below:

To run a Quick Scan on the local computer

If you are unsure or would like a second opinion, please contact SID and an engineer can be sent to check your PC.
 1. Start Symantec AntiVirus.
 2. Click Scan > Quick Scan.
 3. Click Options.
 4. Under File Types, make sure that All types is selected.
 5. Under Scan Enhancements, check Scanning for traces of well-known viruses and Security Risks.
 6. Click OK.
 7. Click Scan.