FAQ 2645
How to log an enquiry for an enquirer

This has now changed and will be updated over the next few weeks.
Find the enquirer using the Enquirer Finder – you can use a student number, IT username, full name, first name or surname.

The next page is the enquirer’s profile, which you can select a number of things to do – in this case, select New Enquiry.

Select a category – you can start typing if you know the category to use, or scroll the list

Fill out the subject and complete the message - sensitive information and solution (both the sensitive information and solution are optional) can be added on the tabs

Standard responses can now be used on logging the enquiry in the Team drop-down menu

The advanced options allow for Allocating to the Type, Source and Cause of the enquiry, where to allocate the enquiry (Self, System Allocation or Manual Allocation), Linking the enquiry to another (type/paste the enquiry number in the Parent enquiry box) and Close on Logging (check the box) 

File attachments can be done by dragging and dropping, or using the Add Files button

If you do not want to send an email to the enquirer or advisor, untick the relevant box above the Log Now button