FAQ 2685
How do I obtain a staff card?

New staff

Once you have returned your contract to HR, apply for your UniCard by emailing universityreception@exeter.ac.uk with your:

    Date of birth

Your UniCard will be posted to your department for your arrival. If you do not receive your card prior to your arrival at University please contact us on universityreception@exeter.ac.uk and you can collect it from the University Reception the following day.

Please note that it is not possible to issue your UniCard until your employment has commenced.

Replacement Cards

Lost or broken cards are replaced at a charge of £10 and can be ordered at our online store.

Stolen cards can be ordered and replaced free of charge by contacting universityreception@exeter.ac.uk Please provide your crime reference number in your email.

If you need a replacement card immediately, please come in person to the University Reception between 9am and 5pm.