FAQ 2765
I’m a Postgraduate Research student starting part-way through the academic year, how will my fees be charged?

If you begin the first year of your Postgraduate Research course mid-way through the academic year, you will be charged on a pro-rata basis. The academic year begins in September, and PGR students are billed from October to September. However, if you start mid-way through the year, you will be billed from the start date to the end of the academic year.

For example, if you begin your studies in April, your tuition fees for your first year will be calculated from April to September. Your subsequent years of study will then run from October to September.

If your course ends mid-way through the academic year, in your final year, a full years' fee will be generated following your registration. However, following completion, your fee will be adjusted to reflect the course end date.

For example, if your course ends in April, we will reduce the full years' fee to reflect that your study within this final year is from October to April.

For information on continuation fees, please see the thesis submission webpage.

If you have any further questions after reviewing our FAQs, please log an enquiry.