FAQ 543
Can I have a guest staying in my room?

Exeter campuses

Guests of members of catered halls and self-catered residences may enter halls up to 23:30, but thereafter guests must be accompanied by a member of the residence. 

There must not be more than four visitors/guests in the accommodation at any time.

No consent will be given for overnight guests who are under 18.

Any student wishing to have overnight guests who are over 18 must seek permission, in writing, from the residence manager, who must take due account of fire and safety implications and, in shared rooms, of the interests of your room mate. 

Residence Life Team members and Residence Managers will withdraw permission for guests to remain if their behaviour is deemed antisocial or unacceptable in any way.

Cornwall Campus

All guest and visitors must be signed in at Glasney for fire safety purposes. In the first two weeks we do not allow overnight guests or at any time in a shared occupancy room unless permission is given by your room mate. 

No consent will be given for overnight guests who are under 18.

Overnight guests/visitors can only stay for a maximum of three nights. 

You are responsible for the conduct of any visitors/guests you invite to Glasney Parc and for ensuring that overnight visitors are restricted to one per room - the total number of visitors to the flat must not exceed seven. 

If you wish for your guest to stay longer than three nights, this request must be put in writing to, and is at the discretion of the Operations Manager.