FAQ 1628
How do I go about getting my DSA equipment/software/ support and what to do if I experience problems?

Depending on the funding body depends on how to order your equipment. Some order the equipment and software on the student’s behalf and pay suppliers directly whilst others send the student a cheque to cover the cost and will expect the student to purchase this and send copies of receipts as proof of purchase. You must only purchase exactly what has been recommended and agreed.   

However most funding bodies expect the student to order the equipment- the supplier will invoice your funding body directly so you will not be out of pocket.  You will need to provide the supplier with a copy if the letter from your funding body agreeing to the equipment/software purchase. Contact details of your supplier are contained in your report for you to contact and arrange a convenient time for delivery/ instillation of your equipment.  

We would not recommend buying your DSA equipment/software from another supplier and you may find that they do not allow this. If you do wish to upgrade the specification recommended or to purchase equipment from another supplier you will need to directly negotiate this directly with your funding body.

Once the funding body has established your eligibility for DSA it can pay for items recommended from your assessment. If you have not yet started your course you will need to provide evidence that you have been accepted. If you do not go on the course all equipment must be returned.

Insurance for equipment through DSA can be funded by DSA. Please check first whether your equipment is already covered through the equipment quotation or your home insurance policy. The funding body will not replace equipment if you have not taken the appropriate all-risks cover.

If you experience any problems with your equipment you should contact the supplier directly and they will advise you. Warranties should have been included for the duration of the course.

All equipment bought with DSA is, and will remain your property once you finish the course. If you are planning on further study it is recommended you don’t sell your equipment as any previously provided will be taken into account in any new assessment. If you do not complete your course please check with your Awards Officer at the funding body for information on what to do.